Tyrone Mitchell

About me...

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  1. Home life:
  2. Originally, I am from the The Bronx, NY.
  3. One brother, one sister. I'm the oldest.
  1. Schooling:
  2. Public school in the Bronx (PS 122, JHS 45).
  3. I was fortunate enough to go to and graduate from Brooklyn Technical High School (class of '93)
    1. Here's a gratuitous link to the alumni association
    2. The official BTHS web pages.
  4. I squeezed in some time writing for the Survey and spending time after school building stuff for my Mechanical Engineering class.
  5. I went to Syracuse University for my college degree in Computer Engineering (both grad and undergrad).
  1. Working stiff:
  2. Programming in C++ for DataViz. I did a some translation software and applications for 3Com's Palm powered devices, HandSpring devices and a ton of other busy-work. I was inherently miserable there, though, and was hurried out for bieng unpopular, different and cynical. But it's over with, and that's the good part.
  3. After that dreadful experience was over, I started working at Scholastic doing some real kick-@ss web stuff. Remember, it's all for the children. It's been interesting. When you work for a large, large organization, a lot of decisions get made that you don't quite understand. You just shrug your shoulders, say "okay then", and move on. It makes life interesting, if nothing else. The group I work in, Grolier Interactive is great. We get a ton of work done, and still manage to have a good time working and even have a life outside of work. Nothing wrong with that.
  1. The rest of the story:
  2. So what the heck do I do in my spare time?
    1. Hobbies:
    2. Photography
    3. Computers
    4. Listening to my music
    5. Picking up drawing
    6. Some occaisonal reading
    7. Hanging out in Milford, CT, as well as Bridgeport, CT - my new home, and places near here
  3. Oh yeah, I have a wife too. So there.
    1. My Sports teams:
    2. Mets
    3. Giants
    4. Knicks
    5. Casual observer of the Jets and Yankees.
  1. More, more, more!
  2. I have a love for Skittles that is unbounded. I'm sure there's a twelve-step program for it. I'd prefer to stay away from it.
  3. On a side note, here is my good friend Rick's home page.
  4. In May 2002, Rayshonda and I went to the Bahamas.
  5. If you're feeling spiffy, you can Buy me stuff from Amazon. I'll give you big props if you do. Promise.
  6. You can AIM me at trexatplay (home) and trexatwk (work). I have a MSN messenger account, but don't really use it.