Technology and Social Media Forecast for the rest of 2013

March 12, 2013 · 2 comments

I wrote this in December, and kinda forgot about posting it. Unfortunately, none of these things came true, but a man can wish…

  1. People will stop posting photos of food.
  2. Men and women will use social media to understand one another, and no one will argue about it.
  3. People will realize that their passionate political tweets and Facebook posts will not change anyone’s mind.
  4. Your relative will fact-check that email before forwarding it.
  5. Web MD will say your search is not cancer.
  6. No one will question anyone else’s parenting style or relationship choices.
  7. No one drunk tweets.
  8. Everyone uses spell-check.
  9. Reality TV tweets are replaced with in-depth discussions about science and technology.
  10. Men are not critical of women’s appearances. Period.
  11. There will be no such thing as “A Joint Facebook account”
  12. Self-appointed Relationship experts will disappear.
  13. Someone will have a disagreement on line, and one party will admit they’re wrong. The issue is resolved.
  14. Your favorite Social Media outlet protects your privacy.
  15. Differences between people will not be mocked.
  16. Any man or woman who doesn’t fit into a preconceived role will not be the object of derision.
  17. Mean-spirited status updates are reconsidered, and are never posted.
  18. There are no photos of white people in blackface.
  19. Instead of trolling Black Women as to why they can’t keep a man, magazines will  write articles that help women. (Or they’ll write an article titled “You ain’t shit: Do better, Black man!”)
  20. “I’m sleep though” will never be used again.
  21. “Rise and Grind” will be buried.
  22. No one makes outlandish statements just to get attention. (example: “Rhianna is the new Whitney Houston. But I’m sleep tho.“)
  23. News outlets ignore the political opinions of sports stars and celebrities.


Bella 03.13.13 at 3:05 AM

Hahahaha this sounds like you want to quit the Internet. Well social media at least. Many many jewels. I cackled at 13, 18-23 DIAMONDS! I muted the words “I’m sleep tho” in tweetbot I wasn’t sure I would last past that phase. I’m so over the indirect conversations on twitter sometimes I wonder is it worth it. Anyway another great post 🙂

tssparky 03.13.13 at 10:40 AM

I kinda do. I’m not reading Twitter this week…someone called it a “Twitter Lite diet” this week. I’m kinda over a lot of the BS and needed a break.

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