Morning Epiphanies

February 18, 2013 · 1 comment

After observing some patterns in my life, one morning, I wrote this note to myself:

  1. Behavior tolerated is behavior encouraged – When I let people get away with talking slick or getting one over on me without doing a damn thing about it…I only short change myself.
  2. Ask for what exactly what you want. – I have been too content to find workarounds and deal with things on my end instead of saying “this doesn’t work” and “you need to fix this, and this is what I want.” This will undoubtedly lead to some tense and awkward moments, but it’s best in the long run. I will definitely struggle with this.
  3. Make better wishes – Be specific. Very specific. (I got this one from a friend.)
  4. Don’t let small problems become big ones.

I find myself having to come back to this note often, as I get sidetracked and go back to bad habits.

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12kyle 02.18.13 at 11:47 PM

Great post!

#4 is soooooo hard to do at times!

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