What I love about running…

February 13, 2013

Inspired by theRunChat, here’s my list (albeit somewhat incomplete) of what I love about running.
  1. Let’s get this out of the way: I love the way my legs look.
  2. I love the camaraderie with my running group.
  3. I love the way the group pushes me and reminds me that I can go farther and run faster.
  4. I love the feeling of the runner’s high after a good run.
  5. I love the pain after hill repeats.
  6. I love challenging people during sprint runs.
  7. I love the sense of accomplishment after a race. A medal, sore feet, and a huge smile.
  8. I love running underneath the stars. It’s incredibly peaceful.
  9. I love solo runs – nothing but your footsteps and your thoughts.
  10. I love the looks I get from drivers first thing in the morning that seem to say: “What are you doing running in *this* weather?”
  11. I love hearing other people talk about their love of running.
  12. I love the look of new shoes. Then I love making them look old.
  13. I love when a run feels effortless…like I’m gliding, and I can go on forever.
  14. I love when a random stranger encourages me to keep going during a tough run. Those moments stick with me.
  15. I don’t love getting smoked by an older runner, but I’d love to think that one day, I can be that older runner smoking someone 20 years their junior.
  16. I’ve learned to love running in the cold. I didn’t understand the appeal of it last year.
  17. I love when I crush a personal record.
  18. I love the level of confidence I have now due to running.
  19. I love looking forward to the next run.