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February 5, 2012 · 1 comment

I wish the SAP button allowed us to hear someone other than Collinsworth.

Omg, I wish people stopped giving me drama!
-said by everyone who wanted to pop shit and go unchecked

I’ve heard less shit talking from pats and giant fans. Mostly Cowboy, Eagles fans. And Redskin fans still can’t believe they beat the Giants twice.

The Giants accidentally released a version of the homepage if they won. Ugh.

I need the Pro Bowl to go away. And one week between Championship games and the Super Bowl.

We still are consoling Raven and 9er fans.

Things Cowboys fans don’t say: remember when Romo won his second playoff game?

My phone autocorrected Romo as Toni. Nuff said.

When an American says “I don’t watch football”, I look at them suspiciously for a moment. I wonder if they do the same when I say I don’t watch the Tony/Grammy/Golden Globe/Oscar awards.

When you wear your favorite team apparel on game day, you feel connected to everyone else who wears your favorite team’s gear.

I’m the only person I know who doesn’t want a footlong subway sandwich.

I wonder how many non-dog owners tune into the puppy bowl and why. I also don’t know why the puppy bowl exists.

I feel like the act LMFAO is a practical joke gone too far.

Ten minutes after I wrote the team thing, a guy yelled “Go Giants” at me as I went into the Stop and Stop.

If I bring one recycled bag, I will almost always buy two bags worth of stuff.

Buying wing sauce on gameday is a bad move.

The water aisle is the loneliest aisle on Super Bowl Sunday.

Can you be trusted if you are picking up a grocery store rotisserie chicken to a super bowl party?

Thank goodness for women’s football attire.

Unrelated: I’m surprised that no clothing manufacturer has designed a shirt with a little extra material in theĀ  front for folks with big guts so the tummy is fully covered.

Dear people who don’t live in the US or like football, we get it. Your jokes are cute.

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Monique 02.05.12 at 10:20 PM

I love all of this!

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