101 in 1001

I first saw this on a someone's site (I forgot how I stumbled upon it) and thought it was a cool idea. The entire idea starts at Triplux and follows from there. A list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days, which gives me roughly until 10/6/2009, about 9:16 in the morning. I've been mulling over this list for a while, and thought, "Even if I only do half of these things, it's better than nothing." So here it goes. I reserve the right to replace boring tasks with more interesting ones.

Total number of tasks: 101

    Car Stuff
  1. Learn how to use my jack.
    Creative Outlets
  1. Learn conversational spanish
  2. Participate in photo friday link
  3. Redesign this website
  4. Redo and re-launch my photo website.
  5. Complete my photography portfolio
  6. Teach myself how to draw
  7. Use my flickr account more regularly link
  8. Learn how to play my keyboard
  9. Take photographs of my old neighborhood
  10. Create a monthly calendar with my photos
  11. Make my photography portfolio
  1. Learn how to play backgammon
  2. Learn how to play bridge
  3. Complete a century bike ride (The Flattest Century in the East) link
  4. Complete the Folks On Spokes bike ride (40 miles) link
  5. Finish a hard SuDoKu
  6. Build a MythTV link
  7. Learn how to play Go link
  8. Start hiking
  9. Learn how to rollerblade
    Future / Financial Planning
  1. Draft a living will
  2. Max out 401k in a year
  3. Contribute to my IRA
  4. Visit a financial advisor
  5. Save at least 10% of my income for 6 months straight.
  6. Make a retirement plan
  7. Make up a will
  8. Read "The Wealthy Barber" link
  9. Read books on financial planning and investment
  10. Start a slush fund containing 2-6 months of my salary, and fund it regularly
  11. Finish making wedding album
    Home Improvement
  1. Get my home clean and tidy (vacuumed, wardrobes and drawers organized, furniture in good shape, desks and tables clear).
  2. Don't keep anything around in the house or in storage that I don't need. Keep this up for 60 days.
  3. Build something (deck, desk, whatever)
  4. Fix power outlet in nursery
    Movies to Watch
  1. Watch "Let It Ride" link
  2. Watch "Primal Fear" link
  3. Watch "From the Hip" link
  4. Watch "Cooley High" link
  5. Watch "The Usual Suspects" link
  6. Watch "King of NY" link
  7. Watch "Roots": (I only was two when it came out) link
  8. Watch "Carlito's Way" link
  9. Watch "Cooley High" link
  10. Watch "Training Day" link
  11. Watch "Pulp Fiction" link
  12. Watch "Dead Presidents" link
  13. Watch "Donnie Brasco" link
  14. Watch "Snatch" link
  15. Watch "Citizen Kane" link
  16. Watch "Memento" link
  17. Watch "Goodfellas" link
  18. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life" link
  19. Watch "Hotel Rwanda" link
  20. Watch "Fargo" link
  21. Watch "2001: A Space Odyssey" link
  22. Watch "The Maltese Falcon" link
  23. Watch "The Godfather", "The Godfather II", "The Godfather III" link link link
  24. Watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy link link link
  25. Start a netflix queue
    New Experiences
  1. Visit Washington DC
  2. Visit the Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield. Get a chicagoan. link
  3. Eat at "The King and I" in Fairfield, CT
  4. Visit 2 art galleries and openings a year.
  5. Visit Jenny farm in Vermont
  6. Visit The Guggenheim link
  7. Find a nice restaraunt to take the missus to, get dressed up for it, and go.
  8. Get a film scanner
  9. Make up a financial plan and keep it updated
  10. Learn about investing and be an active investor
  11. Try papaya
  12. Visit Washington, DC
  1. Participate in Habitat for Humanity at least 5 times link
    PC Stuff
  1. Back up all the contents of my hard drives weekly to prevent disaster
  2. Finish my system to organize my photos
  3. Hawaii Flash slide show with Donald Byrd "Places I've been"
  4. make a hawaii book
    Personal Improvement
  1. Finish a hard crossword puzzle without cheating
  2. Stop swearing excessively
  3. Learn how to read a topo map
  4. Learn how to read my compass
  5. Get a Blue suit
  6. Get a Gray suit
  7. Get 2 suit jackets
  8. Return all emails within 48 hours for 60 days
  9. Return all phone calls within 24 hours for 60 days
  10. Participate in Habitat for Humanity, donate at least 1 hour per month link
  11. Read all the books that I have accumulated, or give them away
  12. Become an organ donor link
    Physical Fitness
  1. Drink at least 4-6 cups of water every day for 90 days
  2. Reduce my dependence on sugar and candy for 60 days straight.
  3. Lose enough weight to fit into a 38" waist pants
  4. Get 7 hours sleep for 30 days straight
  5. Take a spinning class
  6. Run a 3K
  7. Weigh less than 200 lbs.
  8. Find out what my blood type is
    Professional Improvement
  1. Learn flash link
  2. Re-learn java
  3. Get all of my personal papers files, and reciepts filed away daily, for 30 days straight.