100 Things you might not have known about me...

I read http://www.mizdos.com/100things.htm and liked the idea, so I took it up. Enjoy.

  1. I'll admit it. I don't get the fascination with Wil Wheaton.
  2. I'm a geek.
  3. I'm a geek that doesn't like Star Trek, Star Wars, the Empire Strikes back, Voyager or any other of those movies.
  4. I did like the movie Stargate though. Can't bring myself enough interest to watch the series.
  5. I don't like reality television.
  6. I really like watching Good Eats.
  7. I want to live by water. I find rivers, lakes and the ocean relaxing.
  8. Sometimes I want to completely change my current life.
  9. People who say "I'll call you right back" and then don't - you drive me crazy. Just tell me you will call me back in three weeks, and I will be okay with that.
  10. I hate cellphones that have ringtones. I want a phone to sound like a phone, that is all.
  11. I hate when people "Reply to all" when the sender asks to reply to them only.
  12. I love Oatmeal Raisin cookies
  13. During the months of September and October I have a severe addiction to Candy Corn.
  14. I also have the same kind of addiction to Jellybeans in April.
  15. I like to live anonymously, but I don't like to be ignored.
  16. I don't enjoy bieng the center of attention.
  17. I work best when I'm deeply interested in the subject.
  18. I had forgotten how much fun it is for me to get out on my bike and just ride.
  19. I occaisonally like getting a reaction out of people.
  20. I have a hard time holding grudges.
  21. I don't think people take me seriously when I get angry.
  22. I can't stand people who are loud on the phone in the presence of others.
  23. If all jobs paid the same, I'd be a full-time photographer.
  24. Yes, I am sarcastic, because the world is often full of shit.
  25. I'd like it if people were just honest with one another. Not that kind of honest like you expect. Brutally honest. I could deal with that. It would cut through a lot of crap, wouldn't it?
  26. I have a hard time saying "no" to people. I think I have a harder time saying "yes" to myself.
  27. I'm my own worst critic, no matter what you say. Unless, of course, you are bieng an overbearing SOB.
  28. I believe in karma. You do good things, it comes back to you. If you are a mean bastard, that'll come back to you too. Maybe it's just I don't spend a lot of time plotting revenge. I let the Universe take care of you.
  29. I'm not overly religious. I try to treat people right (in spite of themselves) and do the right thing (though most times it sucks) and hope that I'll get what's right for me later on.
  30. I consider myself a frustrated Genius. If I could get out of my own way, I'd do some beautiful stuff.
  31. I've changed my mind about vi. It doesn't suck. But Emacs is far more superior.
  32. Just because you stage a talent show and have millions of clueless idiots vote on it doesn't make it talent that I will buy. American Idol sucks, and you can't fool me.
  33. No, I don't find all children fascinating. If I did, I would have had some by now. Stop asking. I'll do that when I'm damn good and ready.
  34. Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side and Outland are my favorite discontinued comics.